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Billboard Divas Director Application

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a director for Billboard Divas Miss & Master

Pageant Productions.  Billboard Divas was founded in 2009 and our work is truly child's play.  Over the years, we have given away Huge Crowns, Sashes, 7 Ft trophies, Laptops, Vacations, & everyone's favorite, CA$H!

Our events are fun-filled and family friendly.  We do not tolerate bashing or bad sportsmanship of any kind by any one.  We hope you chose to direct with us!

Application Form

Thanks for submitting!

As a Director for Billboard Divas, I agree to abide by all the following terms as set forth below:

1.  All awards will be ordered through Billboard Divas National Office.

2. I will help find contestants at large who will register through the main website for events I hold in my area.

3. I understand that I am/may be responsible for costs including but not limited to printed forms, venue, awards, judges, tabulation, stage decor etc.,

4. As a Director for Billboard Divas, or Co-Director, I understand and agree that I must hold at least 3 local events in my assigned area.

5.  I also agree that I will display magnets on my car and / or vinyl banners as advertising.

6.  I understand and agree that all payments will be collected through the National Office and will be reimbursed and bonuses for costs if there is a profit margin.

7.  I understand that I can earn extra money when my local contestants attend Nationals.

8. I agree that judges and tabulators will not be related to me or any contestants in events I hold in my area.

9.  I agree to follow Billboard Divas tabulation and crowning procedures.

10  I understand that I may need sound equipment.

11. I agree and understand that my directorship shall last for a period of 1 year from date of contract acceptance by National Office for Billboard Divas.

12.  I understand that judges must be approved by National Director prior to events.

13. I will send my bio and photo over for website and social media promotion.

14.  I understand and agree that a copy of my driver's license, valid credit card, 2 references are to be sent to Furthermore I understand and agree that I may need to get a PO Box for Pageant Mail.

15.  I agree to abide by local and state laws regarding pageants in my area including self employment taxes.

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